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Membedakan Dampak Yang Diakibatkan Pemakaian Pupuk Organik Dan Anorganik

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       I.      Problem statment
  What different from plant used organic fertilizer and anorganic fertilizer.
    II.      Research purpose
  To  know different between the plant which use organic fertilizer and anorganic fertilizer.
 III.      Hypothesis
   The plant used anorganic fertilizer will be quickly grow compared from the plant use organic fertilizer.
 IV.      Variable
·         Independent variable        : fertilizer.
·         Dependent variable           : grow of plant (Vigna umbellata).
·         Control variable                : light, temperature, water, ,land, and plant.
    V.      Steps of work
a.       Prepare tools and materials
b.      For the jar nomber 1 put soild mixed with organic fertilizer.
c.       Plant 10 seed Vigna umbellata in the jar nomber 1.
d.      Wash with water.
e.       Give a different number to
f.       Give a different number on each of green beans in a jar number 1.
g.      And give equal treatment to the jar number two only use inorganicfertilizers.
h.      Observe the difference between an existing plant in jar number 1, 2, and 3 per day.
 VI.      Tools and materials
 Jar 3 pieces
 Land to taste
 Kidney beans 30 seeds
 Inorganic Fertilizer to taste
 Organic Fertilizer to taste
 Water taste
 Sticks to taste
 Paper to taste

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